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Major accident risks – Seveso III Directive

The presence  of substances or mixtures beyond certain limits, inside an industrial site, requires the application of regulations and standards aimed at preventing the occurrence of major accidents. Not only sites in which the substances are processed fall within the scope of the legislation, but also the […]

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Equipment thermography

The purpose of a thermography on mechanical moving parts is to check their surface temperature. This information is useful to assess whether these components can be effective sources of ignition in the presence of explosive atmospheres; in this case the assessment of the risk of explosion – […]

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What is environmental liability?

With the term “environmental liability”, we refer to a loss in the balance sheet, generated by items relating to the Environment area. In many cases, companies that perform particularly impacting production processes require that a part (even large) of their budget is allocated to actions such as […]

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Software EH&S

Focus EH&S is a suite of web-based applications to manage risks, trainings, documents and deadlines related to safety and environment, in a simple and effective way. EPA Soluzioni, thanks to the EH & S software can provide the following integrated and qualified services at a competitive price: […]

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