EPA Soluzioni is active in all fields of security, thanks to the experience gained by its technicians providing consultancy to companies and public bodies. In addition to the traditional activities of preparation of documents related to the exixting regulations. EPA Soluzioni addresses issues of particular sensitivity in the industrial and civil areas; by using cutting-edge analysis tools, can detect hazardous conditions that are not obvious at first sight.

Here are some of the activities that we carry out daily:

  • Assessment of risks for safety and health at work,preparing Risk Assessment Documents as by art. 17 of the Legislative Decree 81/2008
  • Direct assumption of responsibility as Head of a company Prevention and Protection Service (as by Legislative Decree 81/2008)
  • Design of the improvements of the existing situations (work activities, materials, machinery, plant and equipment, personal protective equipment and collective, local and workplace, ergonomics, safety management system, etc.)
  • Develop procedures for risk and safety
  • Definition of technical and safety requirements for machinery and equipment
  • Coordination of work safety on construction sites (as by Title IV Leg.Decr. No. 81/2008)
  • Instrumental assessment of the risks present in the workplace (photometric measurements, micro-climate, environmental monitoring of air pollutants, chemical, physical and biological agents, thermography, …)
  • Handling of administrative procedures and authorizations for plants, machinery and equipment (pressure equipments, underground tanks, lifting and transportation, elevators, heating systems, gas systems, sources of ionizing radiation, …)
  • Explosive Atmosphere (ATEX) risk assessment, classification of hazardous areas
  • EU Registration and hazard classification of substances and mixtures (CLP and REACH Regulations)
  • Management of practices for fire prevention (in accordance with the DPR 151/2011)
  • Risk assessment of exposure to noise at the workplace (Title VIII of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008)
  • Evaluation work-related stress in full compliance with national guidelines
  • Consulting on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR agreement, IMDG Code, IATA DGR)
  • Plants at risk of a major accident (European Directives 96/82/EC and 2003/105/EC on the control of major-accident hazards from release of hazardous substances – Seveso Directive – implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 334/99)
  • Developing safety management systems (ISO 45001:2008) and obtaining certification
  • Thermographic surveys (electrical systems, mechanical equipment, buildings, etc.).
  • Machinery risk assessment