HVAC systems – management and energy efficiency

(D.P.R. n. 74 – 16/04/2013 & Lombardy D.G.R. n. X/1118 – 20/12/2013)

Presidential Decree 74/2013  defines procedures to manage, control, mantain and inspect heating installations used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings. This law modifies and overlaps the previous reference legislation of heating installations (DPR 412/1993).

The main innovation is the introduction of periodic controls on energy efficiency of heating system used for winter season (if greater than 10 kW) and for summer season (if greater than 12 kW). Control frequency is defined by heating system type, power and power source (annex A table). In Lombardy  D.G.R. n. X/1118-2013 prescribes more frequent controls with some type of generators.

Minimum combustion performance is defined in annex B. Heating systems with lower combustion performance must be substituted within 180 days.

Chillers and heat pumps with energy efficiency parameters lower than 15%  of the installation values (indicated in system logging journals/registration plates), must be reinstated to the original performance.

The Decree specifies that technicians and operators of heating systems, must declare to the user:

  1. minimum safety maintenance and controls,
  2. frequency of the operations specified above,

in written form and referring to the original system technical documents.

DPR_74-2013_Annexes A-B


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