Major accident risks – Seveso III Directive

The presence  of substances or mixtures beyond certain limits, inside an industrial site, requires the application of regulations and standards aimed at preventing the occurrence of major accidents.

Not only sites in which the substances are processed fall within the scope of the legislation, but also the warehouses where dangerous products are simply stored.

It may happen that the aspects related to the simple deposit of certain substances, in large quantities, is not given the necessary importance in this type of companies: the characteristic activity is not related to chemical transformation or mixing.

The continuous effort to maintain storages just below the limits imposed, can become in long times useless and harmful not only for the dangerous situation eventually generated: this situation limits the development of a “know-how” that, in some cases, could be a critical success factor for the site and the company management.

Implementation of requirements in the context of major accidents, should not be seen as mere bureaucratic burden, but as an opportunity to verify and rationalize activities and procedures.


In this spirit EPA Soluzioni propose companies involved to approach “Seveso” Regulations.

With regard to the regulatory aspects, in Italy, Legislative Decree no. 334/99 and subsequent amendments transposition of the European Directive 96/82/EC is currently effective. With the European Directive 2012/18/CE, called Seveso III, were introduced requirements that will need to be transposed and implemented by Member States by 1 June 2015.

Laws and guidelines for the application of these provisions can be found at the website of the Joint Research Centre of the European Community, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC) at:


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