Safety criteria for work in vehicular traffic

(Ministerial Decree 04th March 2013)

The Decree of 04th March 2013 defines minimum safety requirements criteria to be adopted for work in the presence of vehicular traffic. In particular, the Decree regulates installation, uninstallation and maintenance of road construction site, together with the action taken in an emergency (eg, traffic accidents): installation, removal of cones, flexible delineators and pavement markings. 

The Decree also contains a specific Annex that gives a schematic diagram of training courses for supervisors and workers involved in the activities of planning, control and placing of these road signs.

This is a special training, so it cannot substitute the regular mandatory training on safety and health defined in art. 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 (Safety&Health Consolidation Act). This training should therefore be considered a supplementary training in respect to State-Regions Agreement on Health&Safety trainings (Agreement of 21st of December 2011).

For details on duration and content of training refer to the complete document in the Annex below.

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