Legionella: information and prevention

(State-Regions Conference Agreement of 28th November 2012)

The Conference between State and Regions approved the Agreement “Operating Procedure for the assessment and management of risks related to hygiene of air treatment systems” that provides the employer practical guidance for the assessment and management of risks related to maintenance planning in respect to information defined in regional laws, national guidelines and technical standards produced on the subject.

Numerous studies have shown that the microbiological and chemical contamination of indoor air is often due to poor sanitation, overcrowding of rooms, errors in designing and / or installation of HVAC systems, that does not allow proper cleaning and maintenance.

The controls on the systems have to be:

– Visual, to ascertain the status of the various components of the system in the context of planned maintenance interventions;

– Technical, by sampling and analysis, and/or by engineering controls on system components, in order to assess its efficiency, conservation status and hygienic conditions.


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