Software EH&S

Focus EH&S is a suite of web-based applications to manage risks, trainings, documents and deadlines related to safety and environment, in a simple and effective way.

EPA Soluzioni, thanks to the EH & S software can provide the following integrated and qualified services at a competitive price:

  • report changes on legal requirements and report a selection of new legal requirements applicable to the site’s activity
  • availability of the legal texts of the provisions of the law, on request
  • answers to specific questions on regulatory requirements from our technicians 
  • annual review of compliance requirements and their scheduling
  • assistance in planning the actions needed, in order to adapt to the changes introduced

The update is ensured on the basis of analysis of official publications of the Official Italian, the European Journal, Bulletin of the Lombardy Region, as well as any publications / news from Ministries and Regions (circulars, opinions, interpretations).

The activities listed above, will be provided through the web-application (EH & S), that enables simple and effective activities:

  • safe consultation through the Web of all the information about your requirements, keeping the information updated in time
  • a timely update of references to regulations made by EPA Soluzioni technicians
  • data entry by EPA technicians of feedback information by your company executives and supervisors
  • a deadline notification system to defined company staff
  • data export
  • possibility to attach any type of file and to make it visible to the defined company staff

Data are inserted guaranteeing privacy and security. The application is deveolped with the company Focus Informatica, our partner. Epa soluzioni provides updates with  the information that you provide within 48 hours. Focus EH&S enables the management and web-consultation of the data, without the installation of additional software, even from different locations.

Focus EH&S supports operational staff and professional staff dedicated to HSE. They must ensure daily proper implementation in the workplace, allowing you to improve workers’ safety and health, and environmental respect, saving resources in management at the same time.

Contact us for more information: we will come for a practical demo of the product.



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